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Looking for work? Here you’ll find information about careers, training and links to jobs available in our primary industries - on our vineyards, forests, farms, orchards and seas.

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Your opportunity grows here

If you’re looking for work, there are food and fibre sector opportunities across Aotearoa New Zealand right now.

Our vineyards, forests, farms, orchards, and seas have roles for everyone – from immediate jobs and careers, to training and taster courses to get you started. We need people with a range of interests, skills, experiences, and backgrounds.

While there are seasonal jobs, many may be the start of a long-term career with opportunities to grow and advance.

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Take a new path here

Opportunities aren’t just in remote, labour-based roles. Some jobs are in our cities and include work in science, technology, business management, logistics, animal welfare, marketing, research, and development. 

Roles cover a wide range of exciting work and career options, many you may not have considered.

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Training and learning opportunities

Industry-accredited taster courses (some of which are free) teach you basic skills. Sometimes, training is part of the job, so you can upskill and progress while you earn.

If you want a career change, there are qualifications at all levels available around New Zealand.

Find training and education opportunities here.

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Find out about a range of food and fibre jobs, what skills are needed and training available.


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View the support options available to you on your work, education or training journey.